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August 07, 2008


I like tabouleh. I do NOT like liver. My mint and basil are doing well, and we have several tomato blossoms and pepper blossoms.
I need to completely replant my chives because after 3 years in the pot, they now taste like grass. Not sure what happened there.

You must have a swell husband, because I also hate tabbouleh (baby calves liver I can stand, though).

And I did read about the new spinach just a few days ago. Amazing how the word gets out.

Levis will not be a one style jean, go to the website and they have 5 mens styles and 8 for women (and 501 is still there). Maybe that was just one market they were referring to. I find that increasingly people are enjoying poking a finger in the chests of people with "big cars". Empowered by oil prices I guess. I find many of those people are short! You try getting in a mini cooper if you are 6'6", or have any children to take anywhere. I know, its the environment, so lets all ride horses. We have a family of 6 in our neighborhood who drive two cars everywhere, because they can't get their family in only one their eco-friendly cars, so you see both out often.

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