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August 05, 2008


Paris should be honored. McCain called her a "celebrity"!

Congrats on your writing skill recognition by Prof. Roberts. I've enjoyed for some time what you say and how you say it.

Interesting about your "second thoughts" because I've wondered if your blog's name creates enough curiosity to cause potential new readers to visit. Certainly your writing "pie" includes many topics including mother matters, likely now to include occasional references to young adult children. I continue to appreciate your commentary whatever the blog title.

Paris' celebrity blinded me so, I completely forgot to say that Dr. Roberts is surely a smart Professor to require his writing students to read your blog. Kudos.

Mothers are always mothers and always relevant, even as children move out of the house. We enter a different phase, but every bit as important.

Smart man, Professor Roberts, to bring attention to great writing. Congratulations!

I would agree with Allison - and I read another blogger whose daughter is getting married on 08-08-08. (Keith's Ramblings)

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