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August 08, 2008


OMG! That's all I can say about the little gymnast ice cream ad. What was that mother thinking??? Some pedophile will download that picture.

The number of war deaths is horrible.

As for the ice cream ad, I really hope that is a hoax - it's really disturbing.

And I'll be cheering for Torres too!

That is the most appalling ad I think I've ever seen. That child's mother should be flogged, and the company should remove the campaign pronto.

That ad is really the limit.

Hey MotherPie,
As usual your observations are thought-provoking - the ad is absolutely repugnant, as is the notion (no doubt dreamed up by its male creators) to call the Hiroshima bomb "little boy". Moral responsibility is a devil to measure...
On a more chipper note, I'm back! And dying to hear your news!

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