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September 29, 2008


That is pretty darn creative what you've done with those headlines. Good thing I like onions!

Yep, Janeywan.. think we'll all have to get to enjoy them???

It's all bad; publishing is going down, which is my industry. Cengage recently bought up several houses, including Houghton Mifflin. One of the people I work for lost HM as a client, so I've lost a considerable amount of work . . . And now this bailout, or lack thereof.

It was news, but not surprising that the vote, as taken on c-span, was not covered. There wasn't anything they could do to change the story from yes or no. Journalists love taking one little spec of a story and making it an editorial piece, telling us why we should feel a certain way, even if it means forgetting a few things, (like the facts). They couldn't sound bite "yes" or "no". Hard to make it "Pro Obama" or "Anti-McCain", although some tried. The President screwed up, The Secretary of the Treasury sold this as a bailout, and it is an "economic stimulus package", Obama and McCain are neither one in the House, that's the House leadership's fault. We should all throw every one out of office!

How prophetic was the nuclear blast sunset picture you posted yesterday? Ouch.

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