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September 08, 2008


fashion is more than expression!
fashion is confidence! it's letting everyone around you know that they can go ahead and judge you! fashion is beyond what you put on, it's everything you want to say but can't. fashion lets you wordlessly declare 'I"M FABULOUS!" without being a total tarthead, because nobody who is truly fabulous will ever actually speak of how fabulous they are, duh.

fashion is givenchy
fashion is dior
fashion is louboutin
fashion is lanvin
fashion is ysl
fashion is passion!!!!!

yeah yeah yeah, who you are as a person and your character matters and is important.....but only to those you know, only to those you keep company lets you be known by the rest of the world, by the strangers you pass on the street,- they'll remember you...they'll know who you are, and we all want to be known.

I was thinking of this when I met a friend downtown who was all dolled up in a print dress with a picture hat and carrying a huge bouquet she had just bought. I was wearing my usual dress t-shirt, the one without the stains, cutoffs, and my best flip-flops!
Does send a message. I was there to run errands but she was having an experience.
But I know this is not trivia.

I have never been fashionable except for a brief time in the early 80s when I went for a hybrid punk/Flashdance thing. I have learned what style of clothing looks good on me, and right now that style is not available in stores. So I have 3 dresses for "good." The rest of the time I am in jeans or shorts depending on the weather.
I fully expect to be a complete embarrassment to my daughter throughout her teen years.

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