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September 20, 2008


I read that last weekend, over 8,000 people came to the Saturday Farmers Market in Santa Fe. Interesting for a city of 70,000. Is your photo actually from the market?

Farmers markets are so compelling. We used to go to the West Brattleboro one, which had a certain Medieval Fair feeling to it. It was the first time a bought a rabbit . . . to eat.

Our farmers' market in Hilo, Hawaii, is all substance and little style. Under the fraying tarps covering a gravelled lot I buy vegetables for about half what they cost here in Seattle, where I'm visiting now.(We get most of our fruit from our yards or our neighbor's yards.) Whenever I eat fresh fruits and vegetables in Seattle, they never fail to disappoint. There is a farmers' market in the Ballard District, close to our condo, and it is the typical kind of mainland market, nice but rather expensive.

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