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September 27, 2008


The books that will be written on our economic crisis, the liberal authors will blame the banks , Bush, and Ceo's, and the conservative authors will blame Clinton, Rubin and the Community reinvestment act. I really liked the link you provided "Robert Rubin and the Clinton Administration". By reading a transcript, you have removed the press bias of telling me what to think, and just let Rubin's comments speak for themselves. Anyone who thinks that the 1/4 of one percent of a company that CEO pay may represent is what is at fault, is math deficient. It's our policies and our elected officials that tried to take the market's action out of the market and artificially engineer some new results. It failed, the policies failed, our officials failed us, and no one in Government knows how to own their problems. It's very hard to respect people or an institution, if they simply are devoid of any responsibility. We need to fix the problem, then make sure we let the markets find its own "free market equilibrium" next time.

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