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September 25, 2008


What a breathtaking photo! Reminds me how the seasons change and the world keeps turning in spite of whatever else is going on. A nice respite.

You remind me I need new hiking boots.
I was in Costco yesterday and saw one of those HD tvs with a beautiful high resolution aerial shot of the Bolivar lighthouse. I presume it's no longer there. That whole Ike situation gives me the creeps. Why is no one talking about such a huge disaster? You'd think it happened ages ago instead of last month! Amazing.
So I'm glad you can enjoy your sojurns in your beautiful part of the world. I'm looking out on Seattle gloom right now and feeling homesick for Hawaii. But since my kids live here, we endure the Northwest for a couple of months a year. Other times they visit us, which we all like better.
It is true about families being closer. We lived thousands of miles away from our parents and saw them seldom. We did not get along that well with them in any case.
However, my mother in law ended up next door to us in her last years, simply by default, because there was no one else to look after her.
We are much closer to our kids and grandkids than our parents were.

Where are the rock stars and concerts to raise money for those on the coast after Ike hit? Where are the telethons? Where are all the people screaming to the press that they need more free stuff from FEMA? Actually where is the press? Take a look at Galveston and Bolivar? It's not flooded, it isn't there any more. Galveston was a classic, historic, beautiful old city.

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