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September 18, 2008


Enjoy Colorado! The aspens are indeed beautiful at the moment.

I used to read the book referenced in your title to my children!(Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day) That is an appropriate summation of the week in the market. However I believe as in nature, there is a cycle, and things can't stay very bad forever. Or have I missed the news that the supercollider in Switzerland did actually trigger the end of the world?

oh... and I love the reference to Alexander.

You're such a good writer! I'll let you know if I see any more great graphics.

The markets were never meant to be a one way street .....up! It has a right and an obligation to go down, that's why its called a market. Stocks have a bid that someone wants to pay and an asking price where someone wants to sell. It is called free enterprise. Five years ago the Dow Jones ws at 9,300 and today it is at 11,000. That is over 18% higher than where it was five years ago, and it has been five years of getting over 9/11, five years of Iraq, five years of afghanistan, five years of difficult markets and yet, we are STILL 18% higher than five years ago. People need to realize that markets reflect economies and today, we are in a world economy, and it will in fact, change. It isn't the Democrats fault, even though they run the house and Senate. It isn't Bush's fault, as he has ZERO bearing on on world economics. Go ahead and blame wall street, but the NYSE is a bid and ask system and if you don't want something with its inherent risks, then don't buy it!!!! The weather changes, the world changes, the economy changes. This crisis was caused by people, who borrowed more than they could afford, and can't pay it back. People who make xyz and spend more than that with credit cards and cheap mortgages. People need to learn to curb their cravings to have more than they can afford. When people realize that it is up to them to stop going into debt, and save for themselves, then we will correct our current situation. Government was not created to bail out stupid people.

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