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September 17, 2008


Last year, I had several bloggers "invite" me to LinkedIn, but I couldn't figure out its value to me.

So here is one woman's perspective on the social aspects of blogging:
Blogging's a huge change in my life. I have a whole set of friends I've never met in person. I don't even know what some of them look like. Many people can't reveal their identities, for instance academics who blog. I seldom blog about my family and never post pictures of family members but am very frank on a host of other issues. I post under a pseudonym, not to conceal myself but to deflect unwanted attention in my "real" space.
Several people I met on the Internet have come into my "real" space, and it is quite a fascinatig experience. Often our perceptions of each other on line are totally different from face to face ones.
As in so-called real life, what to reveal and what to conceal is a big issue.

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