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September 04, 2008


I'm far less interested with whether this is Bristol's first or second baby (or in fact that she's having a baby at all), than the fact that all these stories are distracting from the fact that Gov. Palin just isn't qualified for this job. The latest example is her comment about "Under God" being good enough for the founding fathers, when the founding fathers knew nothing about the pledge of allegiance, and that line wasn't even in it until 1954 (or somewhere around there). That may seem like an obscure fact, but with the brouhaha that has surrounded the pledge in the last several years, I've heard it a number of times. And I'm not a politician. Or a history major. I feel like she was chosen as a token, not as someone who was considered highly qualified for the job she could potentially be doing. (That being said, I'm not crazy about Biden either.)

I prefer Michael Berube on the subject of having a Down Syndrome kid. The book he wrote about it, *Life as We Know It* is intelligent, poignant and tough and makes a rational rather than sentimental appeal for family support. We are a nation of laws (or should be) not a tribe! I'll take civil society over tribalism any day!
Enough with the squishiness on these issues! Political operatives always try to introject this kind of "human interest" vibe when they want women's votes. I'm not falling for it.
Someone described Palin's family as "props." That's well put.

Yeah, but I just don't think this makes her qualified to become president. Or much of anything else she had to say. Or that somebody wrote for her to say.

No one shows up qualified to be President, unless they are running for a second term. Not one of the people who ran in the primaries, nor any one of the four left, have been in that chair. So the debate becomes about, what they have done for a career and with their personal time, and how well did they do it? Then what we see as their integrity, character and skills. Is being a Senator for many terms better than being a new Senator? Is being a Mayor and Governor better than being a Senator. Is teaching class at Law School better than being a Mayor? Is Alaska more important because of it's size than Delaware? Is a Military Officer for 22 years any better than a Community Organizer? There are as many ways to view it as there are people. I just hope people who do decide, take the time to be informed about the issues. I have been shocked at people who are strongly behind one or the other, and appear to have little knowledge about any issues, just who they like! Our laws and bills are originated, voted on and passed in the House and Senate. That includes what we spend, and our deficit. Neither Obama nor McCain chooses who these people are, the public does.

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