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September 12, 2008


I watched Charles Gibson's interview with her last evening and this morning. It was interesting to hear her nonanswers; I'm sure her backers will be championing what they hear as her ability to come up with something, anything quickly. Her punctuation of her dialogue with "Charlie" was an odd gambit, I thought.

I'm unclear what Hillary backers see in this woman. It's just all so frustrating that sound bites are all that people really seem to be able to digest.

The Dems departure from the issues, and everyones (Dems, Press, Blogs) focus on her, have cost precious points in the polls, and expended huge amounts of money, with very poor results. The change in direction, has helped her and Republicans, and put Obama/Biden completely off message, while she basks in the attention, and McCain rests on the sidelines. Like it or not, there has been a huge reversal in momentum and getting back to Obama running against McCain might serve him well.

Yeah, I don't think it rings quite right. The MomsRising ( organization has used the Rosie poster and that one didn't bother me. They are pushing for maternity and paternity leave, health care for children, and other things to help parents of young children. It's still not quite in the spirit of the original Rosie though....

It bugs me. But maybe that's just because I'm not a McCain / Palin supporter.

All this is very confusing, but my feeling is that I don't have anything in common with Palin and don't have to express any solidarity with her because she's a woman and a mother. Women aren't all the same.

I'm a McCain/Palin person but I'm not sold on this as serious...

From the articles I've read so far about Sarah Palin, this poster doesn't really convey what she's about. It's attractive though. Hope it reels in more votes! I support the Republican platform and I hope McCain and Palin win in November. I'm voting for them "in spirit" :-)

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