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October 23, 2008


I once wore red in a deliberate move as a "power" color. Blue has always been a favorite,and I like the slimming effect of black. What is the color for being sick of the news - green? You are a strong person to stomach and study all of this and then make it palatable for us to read and interpret on our own. Color on Mother Pie!

You have a unique perspective and really help me to understand the underlying trends in the mass media. Thanks.

Thank you for doing all the work for us! I look hideous in both black and red and therefore own almost nothing in either color.

Red is my favorite color but I mostly wear black. I have a lot of varied hues of red in my home from pink to rose to red to burgundy. It works for me. My car is a hue that my daughter calls Hello Officer red. I haven't had to say that yet -- probably because I drive like an old lady.

I'm in Ohio -- also a swing state -- & Obama spoke here today. I'm austerity mom, too -- but I've been forced to be. Poverty sucks.

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