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October 26, 2008


This is a personal bugaboo of mine; we were going to farmer's markets when farmer's markets barely existed, even up in VT/western Mass.

yes, my spouse has been deep into Pollan book, sharing bad news on what's in our food. yes, it should be a campaign issue but you and i know why it is not.

think it will only happen if someone charismatic joins Obama cabinet, someone who is a true-believer in this issue and can stand the heat from THE

It takes me forever in the grocery store because I'm trying to read all the labels. I never buy stuff like lunchables or things geared to kids (although I'll cop to Pop Tarts, becasue I've eaten those all my life). One of the advantages of not having TV is that the kids don't see all the advertising, so we aren't bombarded with requests for that stuff. I know this will change when they get to school and see what everyone else has. We live in an area where parents think it's OK to give 6-month-old babies soda in their bottles. It's going to be difficult to maintain the nutrition high ground.

I'm glad my daughters see to it that they and their kids eat well. They take the trouble, even though they are so busy. It is a matter of personal responsibility.
However, I have been in grocery stores where it was difficult to find anything healthy to eat, so I appreciate the difficulties. My daughters live in Seattle where there is a high level of awareness about healthy eating and many good food markets, such as Trader Joe's and PCC, a local organic foods chain of supermarkets.

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