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October 28, 2008


Sounds like fun. So many years have passed since I was last in the area I'm sure I probably wouldn't even recognize the area.

Enjoy your time with some of the true treasures of life - friends and culture.

Someday I will get there. Hopefully you will be available for expertise and company!

I'm sure your friends will enjoy Santa Fe, it's such a lovely place, the museums are awe inspiring, and the food is incredible. Hot chocolate sounds yummy.

Sounds great! Have fun! I've had a fascination with New Mexico since I was a child and who knows? I might get to see it one day!!!!

You misspelled PINON (u speld it enkorektli as PINYON). You unfairly diss Houston. Mardis Gras (lots of visitors), Rodeo (2 million visitors a year), several million a year at astroworld, the Opera-symphony-alley-wortham cultural district (Dallas wishes they had it). Good museums, and Colleges. The Astros have a huge following, won the division and has gone to the World Series. You underestimate Houston as a fun destination. It may be hot there, but Houston is VERY cool.

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