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October 13, 2008


I don't like the idea of someone watching my every move. That's how I felt in the first small town I moved to. Maybe if I had grown up in a small town I might have appreciated the attentiveness, but it didn't make me feel secure, I felt like people were being nosy.

I dont know if our culture and society could go back either.
Amn my body has also morphed! Great expression! Must remember it!

Oh well. It happens to everyone. However, if I had the money and time for a makeover, I think I would enjoy looking like Diana von Furstenburg.
As it is, I'm just plain old me.

what a rosy view that we've moved to the renaissance [sp?] or did i misinterpret you? well, it's late here in nyc. i am ambivalent about the cameras--feel safer in my building's elevator but over-watched on the street.

think we'd feel better about our aging bodies if we saw more of them in magazines, movies, tv?

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