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October 07, 2008


LBJ talked like a Big Hatted Texas Rancher- which he was. Kennedy sounded like the Massachusettes elitist he was. Nixon and Ford were blahhhh. Jimmy Carter sounded like a peanut farmer from Georgia. Reagan sounded like an Actor from California, Clinton sounded like the bubba he was from his past, and "W" sounds like any number of West Texans I know (although most of them sound more intelligent than W ). Of the four left this year, actually Obama's delivery is more annoying to my ear than any of the four. But Palin is second. Simple thing to add a "G" to her words, and if she could just never again say the words (hockey, moms, moose, six-pack or Ya) again, EVER, then I may give her a second chance. I am tired of politics. We long ago crossed the BILLION dollar mark for campaign donations and expenses. A terrible waste of money. I say cut to 60 days, allow them to submit a written platform of their own plans in their own words. Have one debate a week for 8 weeks and vote! No ads allowed.

Perhaps dropping the "g" is a regionalism, though I'm skeptical. However, the Alaskans I've known and heard speak as grammatically correctly as the rest of Americans.

I'm greatly offended by the mocking of Sarah Palin, and probably even more so by the tendency of Americans to listen to comediennes and media more than their own still voice.

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