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October 20, 2008


We decided to just wait it out. Our retirement accounts are bordering on the pathetic anyway, so we haven't lost that much. Much akin to sticking our fingers in our ears and singing, "la, la, la, la .. . "

My mother used to hum all the time, not songs, but random notes. I find myself humming or singing a lot, especially in the kitchen. My children are always quick to point it out with the comment - "mom, stop, you're humming again". Maybe it sounds like random notes to them but I know it's a song! We all might need to sing more to reduce stress these days.

The silver lining to not having saved enough for college yet is that since we lost 2/3 of what we did save, we didn't lose as much. :)

I cook. It's my remedy for almost any crisis.

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