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October 16, 2008


I hadn't thought about the Pareto theory applied to parenting. I have it fairly easy in that regard as there are only two of them, and they aren't old enough yet to complain about one getting a bigger share. I fully plan to implement the "one cuts, the other chooses" method. I imagine things will get more difficult as they get older.

I've found that by high school PTA, the naysayers have gotten tired and don't bother anymore. We get much more done without them, and it's much more fun. :)

Woody Allen says 80% of life is showing up.
My own philosophy has been "suit up and show up".

I've been thinking about applications here. I do note that in families the neediest people tend to get the most attention.
Or, as someone or other once put it, "A family is a tyranny ruled by its weakest member."
This would seem to violate the 80-20 rule. The fact is, most of us can take care of ourselves and help others. This means we do a good deal of looking after those who are unable to help themselves.
At least that's what civilized people do.

Is unconditional parental love an exception to the Pareto Principle?

What an interesting question!

A Christian would say yes. We are called to love every one as God does, desiring their full well-being. That doesn't rule out 'tough love' if that's what called for.

We're not called to love only where good and efficient results can be expected. Else who would love the weak, the poor, the very young and very old and the people who take care of them?

The question of fairness is really one of justice, but if justice were to prevail, it's unlikely we would like the results. We need mercy too.

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