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November 04, 2008


My prediction? After a brief honeymoon, the media will set to work tearing down tomorrow's victor with the same vim and vigor they've used to cover the ascents.

I'd like someone to screw up and publish the story with the wrong candidate winning, a la Eisenhower/Dewey. You know they all have front pages ready to go for each candidate.

And what will our comedians do? They've had an easy target the last 8 years.

The after effects???

Something substantive, you think? Could a transformative candidate by his very presence move media to look at itself? Want to be hopeful today.

Let's celebrate first. We've done a good thing and deserve some time to savor it before we get back to the business of everyday politics.

There are 204 million eligible voters in the U.S. We did the best job in generations, getting people out. With an estimated record 131 million voters, and Obama getting 52%, of those who voted, then we just elected a new President who got 30% of the eligible votes. Maybe the media could do something valuable, important and constructive to engage people to get involved rather than playing "gotcha" with their own agenda. Kudos to Obama, but 64% turnout, at such an important time in America, was surprising to me.

Hopefully we will become a true UNITED States of America under our new president; a country where we can have our different opinions, but express them without hate-laced language. I can dream, can't I?

Wonderful period of hope our nation is experiencing. Yes, there's lots of hard work ahead. Maybe, just maybe, the media will take a good long look at their approach to what constitutes news and how they present it, or is that too much to hope for?

The media will have a field day second-guessing every appointment Obama makes to his Cabinet. They always do. No way will he get a pass on that. I hope he chooses wisely and well.

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