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November 18, 2008


Let's see. My 4-year-old already has the 12-year-old mentality, and has taken to calling me Mother. So when she is actually 16, she'll be somewhere between the age 25 and 35 thinking? I can live with that.

At what age do they call you MOTHERPIE ?

Anthony -- they called me MotherPie in letters from camp and that is how I signed my letters. It was a stupid thing to name my blog by that... I drive away a lot of readers who would otherwise be interested in the non-mom things I write about - culture, art, media, etc.

oh these stages are so true!!!!! especially for Mothers and Daughters.

I think it works for sons, too!!

They're all so true; the last one is true for me now!

Being mommy, mom, and mother has been the greatest adventure of my life!

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