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November 03, 2008


Companies are all struggling to make ends meet, and with the smaller the company, often the worse and more magnified the effects. Many are re-tooling for a new and different age. With the corporate tax rate the highest in the world, all of these people losing their jobs, companies (excepting oil) unable to make profits, and big money needed to re-tool and insure a future where jobs are available, makes you kind of wonder why Obama is so set on further raising the corporate taxes?

I've been wondering when the demise of the print media would start. I find it sad, even though I've expected it.

This is not doing good things for my health -- mental or physical -- and I'm hearing the same from a lot of other people. Look for a lot of deaths from stress-related illnesses in the coming months. AND if John McCain is elected he could be one of them.

Have you seen the Newspaper Deathwatch blog?

It's subtitle is:
"Chronicling the Decline of Newspapers and the Rebirth of Journalism."

Hopefully they're right about the rebirth of journalism, but I'm pessimistic on that front.

Anthony: Yes. Let's just let corporations do what they want and not tax them but instead give them all our money to spend and we will have a utopia!
Foolishness aside, newspapers have been sliding along for years, and it is no wonder that new forms of communication are wiping them out.

So much denial about newspapers disappearing by older women I meet in NYC. Trying to get them using computers for more than email and travel tickets is a challenge.

Perhaps recent events have awakened them, though it's too late. The NY Times has shrunk locally--Metro merged into the rest of the paper rather than a separate section. Few weeks ago the conservative NY Sun breathed its last.

In very large cities there's still a need for focused local papers serving communities that need local news. Nothing at all where I live in Manhattan other than the student paper published via Columbia University.

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