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November 15, 2008


I don't care how excited he gets the crowd, or how cool and cutting edge his new communication techniques are. He isn't President of Google. All I care about are his policies and effectiveness. Votes have been counted, and the things he did helped him get elected. The Titanic is sinking and speeches from the Captain at the helm are immaterial. He will either get the results he promised, or he won't. Hopefully, that is the kind of "effectiveness" most are looking for. I will give him his grade for speech class after he retires.

Actually, I don't think it's a bad idea compared with Bush's "the citizenry be damned" attitude. If it makes people think he actually cares (and I think he does), it could energize us. We are a tired, disheartened people after the past eight years and we need something and someone to restore our hope.

Hello Mr. Obama I was wondering if i can have a chat with you im 13yrs old andalay have you in my heart & prayers

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