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November 09, 2008


I live in jeans these days -- even at the office. One Friday I wore jeans and apologized for not looking professional. My boss who always wears jeans (and looks like an unmade bed most of the time) and tennies told me to wear them all the time. I found that it was really better because it was less intimidating to our clients. And yeah, my boss is a genius. You'd never know to look at him that he's nationally known for his expertise on immigration.

jeans never left my closet so reading this makes me feel that i've been super-fashionable! just weart them more often than ten years ago...even have lined ones for the cold.

but it's going to take more than retrofitting wardrobes. did you see the ny times about how families need to begin to talk with one another about changing finances? very useful; hope people begin to take that seriously.

Darn! I love Harold's!! I just bought a gorgeous art deco sweater there a few weeks ago. :(

J.Jill better stay in business...

Say it ain't so !!!.....Harolds goes under. What will the ladies of Highland Park do? One of the things I love so much about living in New Mexico is that people here sort of dress for functionality and comfort and warmth in the winter. They aren't obsessed with the latest style and no one dresses up much here. You may see someone who is "famous" or "wealthy" and they have on the jeans and a Carhartt jacket and dusty boots. Like their cars ... bought for utility....will it get you through the snow and up to the ski run?! They drive a Subaru. Denim and a black sweater with a chunky piece of silver jewelry is what they consider dressed up! That's not to say the boots may be pricey and the sweater designer cashmere. So...times are tough and people everywhere will learn, like the people of New Mexico, that the important clothes are comfortable and useful, that fun can happen having a stimulating conversation with interesting friends, and there isn't anything more beautiful than a sunset, a New Mexico sunset, and it doesn't cost a thing. For the rest of the country...can you say Target?

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