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November 16, 2008


May a post-literate world NEVER BE; although it concerns me that this is exactly where we're heading.

A connection I made to this post is that there is a sign language 'symbol' for McDonalds: one makes the arches with one's two index fingers. Apparently, the Golden Arch is a universal language.

I wish I had time to read more! Still I read several books a month and various newspapers and magazines thanks to the Internet. The latter isn't about fun and games or net- working (unless you count my blog which is about writing for me). I think of the Internet as the world's biggest library where I can look up anything I want!

Movies? I've seen one movie this year: No Country for Old Men. I watch movies at home if the spirit moves me but not often and then it's something from my collection.

It scares me that people can go a year without reading one book. I usually read 5 or 6 a week (of course, I sacrifice a lot of sleep to do that). Then again, we don't rent or go to the movies but 2-3 times a year. I guess it's a trade off.

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