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November 06, 2008


I found that living in major cities (London, NYC, Chicago, Houston) cost so much to just exist in your early 20's, that no one could afford to get married. In NYC, people in their 20's share apartments with 3 and 4 other roommates. I never found anyone under 30 even thinking about getting married there. So, maybe cost is a factor as well. I understand that cost of living in Arkansas or Oklahoma is so inexpensive, that you can live well off of minimal wages.

I for one enjoyed your ramble and found a connection between that great urinal and teen sex issues. Of course I would.

Struck by your comment at Blogging in Paris re the early, all image/no words Obama logo. Very compelling...what did you mean about a world wide symbol--of his presiendcy, the U.S., or...?

Been thinking about how identifying with the campaign here in New York has opened people up to connecting with one another. Wonder if there is a way to keep that going.

No one can live well on minimum wage.

That said, I will join any rebellion against urinal art.

I bet mom just fell apart when she heard those words. We moms do that.

Kids here don't get married as teens -- they just have babies. The old days of shotgun weddings are pretty much gone here. When mine were teens we had discussions to avoid such things. Sometimes I think that was a rarity. I still refuse to go to baby showers for an unwed teen mother. I don't think it's a celebratory event.

Yeah, here in Kentucky they don't necessarily get married when they get pregnant (I know at least 3 13-year-olds who got pregnant in the last coupld of years). But they do get married young. Households headed by single (either never married or divorced) mothers comprise a high percentage of folks for whom the Mountain Man builds houses.

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