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November 24, 2008


I can't decide if I'm fascinated or horrified.

Same here. I don't think I could wear Barbie boobs. But the idea is intriguing.

In your dreams in your next life I'd wear that!!! I never had or wanted a Barbie -- I think I was too old for dolls when she was foisted upon little girls. I was a tomboy and at age 9, broke my mother's heart by telling her I didn't want a dolls anymore. My own daughter hated Barbie and preferred Cabbage Patch Kids -- much more appropriate for children.

Maybe it's just the way it strikes me, but it seems wearing that jewelry would border on a fetish. I think it's creepy.

thanks, allison, i was looking for the right word and "creepy" is perfect.

I agree with Janet. It's artistic, disturbing.

I see so many very slight and small young women sporting large fake breasts. This strikes me as very sad.
My grandkids don't have Barbies.

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