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November 01, 2008


Just saw that Obama-supporter Lorne Michaels was forced by his bosses at General Electric to invite John McCain onto SNL. McCain advisor Martin Eisenstadt leaked that GE - which gives over $1.2million to Republican candidates (including convicted Sen. Ted Stevens and lightning rod Michele Bachman) - pressured Michaels to invite McCain onto the show. Sounds like a real-life version of something Alec Baldwin might do to Tina Fey on "30 Rock!" Here's the link:

Once upon a time, McCain called the media his "base". I wonder if some of the negative coverage he's received can be traced to the tipping point when his campaign decided to turn to a negative, win-at-all-costs tone?

All I can say is that when my traditionally Republican local fishwrapper endorses Obama, it's an indicator that McCain is on the skids. I would like him to stop the lies, goofiness, and negativity and be honest.
(And I probably still wouldn't vote fo him.)

I am boyctting SNL until further notice. You heard it here first.

Watching the media during this campaign , is like watching a fan of a 4-win, 5 loss College football team, holding up the #1 sign, when they win a game. Fans all think their team is the best team. Media's role used to be to bring you NEWS (a/k/a facts about interesting events). Media today are run by bigger corporate conglomerates than those dreaded Wall Street firms. Their goal is to tell you what to think after they show you some news. So we Americans have turned to the likes of Keith Olbermann for our political and financial guidance. Keith, he who has an arts degree, has worked for at least a dozen different companies, was a radio and TV sportcaster from 1979-2003, and was publicly fired at ESPN and FOX news, who then became a true political leader to be followed by us all. It is so easy to read and find things out for yourself, rather than turn to the same source that sells you OXYCLEAN on TV to give you political guidance.

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