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November 13, 2008


I missed all this the first time around. oh my.

Too funny!

I missed it the first time around, too! Priceless!!!

I lived in NYC in 1994 and worked at a hotel on the Upper East Side. One night that Summer, I was out with four girlfriends on the West side. The dead dog in a suitcase story was told that evening by one of the girls. It had "happened" to her coworker's sister. I must have told the story a dozen times before I heard it was an urban legend. Two summers ago I overheard someone telling the story on Martha's Vineyard. I came in half way into the story, so I assumed that the person telling it knew it was an urban legend. The storyteller was offended when I implied that the story was simply a myth and not true. She was adamant that it was a true story and I was misinformed. So, the story has been around twelve years before your family came across the story. But, it is clearly still circulating, and it is funny.

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