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December 13, 2008


Kennedy was shot. All else pales in comparison. :( of the baby boomers here. A member of the "Ozzie and Harriet" and "Donna Reed" generation. That is what we were given visually to reinforce what a family, mother, etc. was supposed to be and look like! Tough to live up to. Definitely not the Ozzie Ozbourne family! It was a good time if you were young and in a family. Especially MY family! Loving supportive parents, grandparents, wonderful family vacations, big holidays. As Kathy H. says above, everyone in my generation remembers where they were the day Kennedy was assasinated...Mr.McAdams Spanish class. We had NO idea what a huge moment it was. School was immediately let out, and we went home to find our mothers and families tearfully glued to the TV for the next 4 days. Get ready...this is going to be such a trite statement...times seemed better then. Is it so that always one's childhood times seem "better" than one's 59 year old times?

I'm always interested in reading about events that occur within my lifetime beginning with the year of my birth since they color the world in which I exist.

George Gershwin wrote "Porgy and Bess" and his music has always been a favorite of mine though I didn't hear those tunes until years later, or at least I don't have a conscious memory of hearing them.

Where "Carron" mentions that times are better as a child.I feel that having friends, no bills, school, a great social life, parents who handle family issues, being clothed, fed, taken on vacation, could be seen as an easier task than, feeding, clothing, insuring, educating, and taking care of your children and life. Probably because it is in fact a much easier job to be a child that is to be a parent. When I grew up, I found that all families were not like mine, and that my parents did a great job of allowing my childhood to forever remain a magical one in my eyes.

I have to echo anthony and carron in that I had a wonderful childhood and hope that my children will have similar fond memories. After doing an internship in a psych hospital for a year, I realized that my childhood was something out of a fairy tale compared to what some children endure these days.

I also remember seeing the Kennedy funeral on tv, even I was only 6. I'm in that 1957 group with you MotherPie.

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