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December 30, 2008


That is creepy!

What would be creepier is if that phone numbers rings back!!

Yes...I,too,kept my Texas cell # and my son too, kept his. It is an identifier. I lost two friends/patients that I was very close to in years past. After their death, in both cases, I was comforted when I called, got their voice mail and heard their familiar voice. Sad, very sad, but comforted. Just so you don't think I'm creepy, one incident was when I called the home and got a voice mail, trying to reach the family, and the other was when I accidentally called the cell phone thinking it was a home phone, trying to reach the family. Also, and this is a big one, families of those killed in 911 had messages from their loved ones and never erased them...the last time they heard their voices. So now, although it is maudlin I guess, when my kids call and leave a sweet message, I never delete it, because I worry that if something happened to them I would want it back. To hear their voice. Oy vey!....over-mothering...I'm guilty. There are lots of stories about the families of 911 victims and their phone calls. Their final phone calls. I don't know how some people go without having a cell phone. Sign of the times.

Facebook and MySpace are even better for this. It's more personalized, and includes pictures. Plus, you can see the messages people leave for each other. And, it's free.

My son's first thought is that the cell phone battery would go dead. But the battery is disconnected to the life of the phone...if the answering machine stays on.

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