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December 09, 2008


Love the design. I gave up sending cards years ago. I felt that it added pressure to people I sent them to, to return the gesture and vise versa. Since I stopped sending them out the ones I receive is almost non existent.

I think janeywan is correct. My experience is if you stop, then they stop sending in return. I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The cost we spend at my house is about what our dinner out with her cousins last weekend, ran.

I like your design. And I love your attitude, that it's not a chore, but a way to maintain connection.

Do it! People love to get snail mail...real mail! Also, don't lose contact with your friends. We all need each more than ever. I agree with Anthony, the cost is miniscule compared to a dinner out. It is the one time a year I correspond with some friends. But I send very few out; I'm selective. Just to real friends and people I cherish having in my life.

I love the simplicity of your design.

I loved creating our Christmas cards with you every year. I must design/create cards this weekend and it stresses me out. We'll see what I come up with (and whether or not I will have enough time to get them printed and out).

I love that design. It takes a lot of talent to do something deceptively simple like that.
I took one of my favorite photos and made cards on Shutterfly. This is the first time in three years I've sent out cards.
But I'm happier this year and feel like celebrating a real Christmas for change.

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