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December 02, 2008


Ohhhhhhhhh my God! An English major as head of our treasury? As much as I respect a liberal arts education, I do understand that sometimes background in a pertinent coursework is essential. My own English and Spanish majors don't really prepare me for much of anything except teaching. By Paulson's example, however, I'm ready to take over a local bank. Right.

I don't think a person's undergraduate degree marks him or her as qualified for only certain jobs. Paulson, for better or worse, has a Harvard MBA and a Dartmouth BA.

Ok, you were correct with the info you gave, like most Ivy's, he received a liberals arts degree (as an undergrad). You should probably add that he later received his MBA at Harvard, then worked for over 32 years , eventually attaining the CEO position at Goldman Sachs, a multi billion dollar company. His background is actually the only impressive thing about him. We will know about his performance in another 12 months.

anthony and tut-tut make good points about the full education of Paulson which I didn't expand on in my article and by omission disregard an important set of qualifications.

Thanks for the quality of feedback.

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