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December 11, 2008


Just a minor stickler of a question: what nation did you have in mind for Cultural Minister, as we don't have one in the USA?

I wonder if you comprehend how serioius are the nation's Economy problems, and why Bill Richardson is a superb appointee for Commerce, and that he will do a fine job of it, and expand the position into a much more comprehensive and powerful position, as is warranted by these wretched times economically.

Reagan appointed a bronco rider friend of his, Malcolm Baldridge, who died after getting thrown off a horse at a California Rodeo.

One Secretary of Commerce did become President: HERBERT HOOVER, but six Secretaries of State did become President, all more than 150 years ago. Can you name them?

Bloomberg wouldn't have time for such an appointment, and Richardson will be just as good, especially when it comes to trade problems with Central and South America. He is not just going to be another "cheerleader for American Business."

Stephen Fox
Contributing Editor New Mexico Sun News
Santa Fe, New Mexico

The fact the nation is in a domestic economic crisis is a mutually exclusive event to whether Bill Richardson is qualified to be Commerce Secretary. I guess anyone can say whatever they want about a future that has yet to happen. Bloomberg was the grandson of immigrants, was unemployed and started his own business. He is now a billionaire and the 8th wealthiest person in America. Bill Richardson is a talented , smart and successful politician who started his political career immediately after college and his experience will help the international part of Commerce Secretary, but but our domestic issues, require something more than the group of attorneys we call the House and Senate. Maybe someone who has been successful in business, or with an economic background.

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