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December 08, 2008


I found your picture "Enron, Bad Lay" on flickr. We from the Global Ethic Foundation would like to ask your permission to use this picture in our non-profit internet learning platform. I'd like to write you a proper email about this, but I cannot find your email address. Please write me at:, so that I can get back to you.
Many Thanks,
Julia Willke

As a sr. in college, I needed an extra 3 hours credit during xmas vacation. My college offered a 2 week intercession during the break but the dorm was closed. I was the "house mgr" so I had keys and I chose to stay in the dorm anyway. But could not turn on the entire heating system. One friend joined me in my quest. We did have 2 rooms with electricity. When a snow storm closed the entire campus, and we were miles from any restaurant and without a car, we rummaged through a mini fridge and did find a box of 6 frozen corn dogs. We sliced them and managed to cook them on a popcorn popper (microwaves weren't around yet). That was our only food for 2 days as we ate covered in blankets. I got my credits and I haven't had a corn dog since the 70's. If you are hungry, you will find a way.

Julie -- I have responded to you by email and appreciate you and others who have contacted me regarding my work that is issued under a CC license.

Anthony -- being resourceful is an art in itself and a great contributor to any relationship. Susie J. is certainly resourceful with all of her boys.

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