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December 04, 2008


I loved my cockapoo, who lived to be almost 19. She was very peppy and hard to train but extremely loving.
A cat is one thing--a cat box and not letting them claw the furniture is about it-- but a dog requires a lot of commitment, a task not to be taken on lightly.
Someone gave me a puppy that was very nice a while ago, but after four hours with it I gave it back. I realized it would take a primary commitment of six months to turn it it into a pet I could live with.

Labradoodles are just expensive mutts. Why perpetuate that trend when there are so many dogs languishing at shelters? This push to create a "breed" just really appalls me. I have an acquaintance who has one, but never saw its parents. They were mysteriously "unavailable" whenever she went to see the litter.

I'm sorry if I sound a bit shrill, but I"ve been spending a lot of time lately at the shelter with our fostered kitten (soon to be adopted), and with the economy the way it is, many who are losing their homes are ending up in rentals that don't accept pets. So the pets end up at the shelter. And so it goes.

Our son adopted a corgi/daschund mix from the shelter and he is one of the sweetest, smartest mutts we've ever seen. We also have a border collie we got from a shelter and he is wonderful. Shelter pets are the way to go; kudos to the Obamas.

There was a NY Times Magazine article awhile back about purposely cross-bred mutts. They're adorable and precious when the breeding works, but when it doesn't, puppy mills are known to destroy the "unsaleable" dogs. Purchasing one of these just perpetuates the industry.

Of course, if you find one in the shelter...that's a different story.

TWO WORDS...POUND PUPPY Get one! Actually you don't have to get a puppy, there are now so many dogs being put to sleep every day because their owners just walked off and left them with a foreclosed home. I agree with all who say not to support puppy mills by buying a breed dog. Close to where you live, Espanola has a very active humane society and shelter in need of homes for adorable pets. People who have dogs live longer and you will increase your happiness quota immensely! In Santa Fe there is a huge community of doggie daycare/doggie hotels/ doggie sitters. More than you could imagine. To help you when you are out of town. Just do it...go to the shelter...get a the life of some precious animal who is just waiting for you !

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