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December 15, 2008


I hope you keep blogging. I love reading your stories/articles. You were meant to write!

Your insights and perspectives open our eyes to things some of us (mainly me) never think about. Your motherhood moments transcend technology, they are moments moms can relate to, and we enjoy and need those times to share. I know it has to be time consuming but it is a welcome respite from traditional media and websites. Please don't scare us with talk about not blogging anymore!

I agree... you were meant to write. I enjoy your thoughts-- it makes you not seem so far away. Your insights are unique and thought-provoking.

No! Don't stop! You need it...we need it. It is a way to reach out and make friends. It is way for you to reach all those of us who care about you and what you are thinking...all at one time! Life's too harried...we can't call everyone every day or write letters to everyone everyday. Blogs are subjective...they can be anything you want them to be...a travel diary, the story of a pregnancy and new baby, a dissemination of thoughts and ideas on topics political or personal, and on and on. For some it is intensely private and personal, like a journal. A way to get your thoughts and feelings out. Having said all that, yours is a good way to feel close to you as daughter #1 says. So...just do it!

Great post! Thanks for walking us through some of the history and the trends. If you hang up your wonderful blogging, then will you at least do us all a favor? Will you let us know where you've gone and what you're doing in digital media?

I think that parents of kids in their mid- to late- 20's are going to be the last group on Facebook. I've got several friends whose 20-something children tell them they don't need Facebook. I think it's because the kids consider it to be THEIR territory, and don't want it taken over by their parents. Unfortunately for them, that horse left the barn already. Of my 486 Facebook friends, only about a dozen are under the age of 30. The rest are adults whom I'm related to, live near, worked with or went to school with. It's a very vibrant and supportive "alternative universe" that enriches my life.

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