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December 29, 2008


Unfortunately for readers, I have found that the top newspaper's online editions (NYT, WAPO, WSJ) are pretty good, but the drop off is dramatic when dropping down to most local newspapers (even in very large cities). But you are correct, paper is going away, and "paperless" is now the "in" phrase with any company that mails you bills or delivers you anything in print. Hopefully the quality online will catch up. Up to date news and saving trees isn't so bad, even if you have to find a new way to pack those xmas ornaments.

Well, the chart didn't come up and I can't get into the post to edit it (something glitching with typepad).

My mother reminds me that without the paper newspaper, how will we housebreak puppies. Good point, mom.

I hate to think of a NEWS-paper less day. I worked on a newspaper almost continuously for 30 years, and I'd hate to see them ass. Sometimes there is just too much technology, seems to me.

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