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January 16, 2009


As it is the strongest form of motivation, how to instill or encourage intrinsic motivation is the $64000 question! I think maybe we all start out needing external rewards until we learn what our values are, then become motivated or disciplined enough to accomplish whatever we need or desire, based on those values. But even if we're doing a great job for the sake of doing it, it's still nice to have a bone tossed to us from time to time!

I don't think we ever stop being mothers either. I tried lots of things to motivate the Dynamic Duo. In the end it was always their making the decision to excel.

You are exactly right, Kay. We never stop being mothers, or worrying (at times) about if we are a good mother.

We resorted to jellybeans for potty training (desperate times, you know), but they no longer expect jelly beans every time they go to the bathroom. Of course, they're young yet - we'll have to see what it takes to motivate them in future. I will count on my blogger friends' collective experiences to steer me in the right direction!

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