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January 29, 2009


I have a friend who spent most of the 80s and 90s wearing a dress (he's 36 now). Not a kilt skirt either, think those cotton dresses women wore in the 50s. With hiking boots and his beard. Quite fetching.

We have a psychology professor at my school who wears a kilt. In windy west Texas, that's pretty risky.

The tights bother me. They look very teenage girl. I think kilts are cool, and attractive even, but I don't see skirts taking off. And those tights, really, what was he thinking?

Men in tights or pantyhose? Skirts even. Somehow I don't see that happening in my lifetime. (I keep getting the video in my of Mel Gibson in "What Women Want" as he tried out pantyhose and waxing his legs.

Being of Scottish descent, kilts don't bother me. There's a certain je ne se quoi about a man in a kilt. What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? Whatever his modesty (or lack thereof) dictates!!!! LOL

There is nothing wrong with a man in skirt. It does not mean anything culutrally, because all what WE are doing becomes culture.
I think it is time to add some more stuff in the wardrobe of men. Men did not have any change since more than 100 years, and it looks just boring and often ugly.
I like to see men in skirts, even in tights or pantyhose because all what a man is wearing is HIS decision. We should just accept it, and the new style as shown above makes a man more vulnerable and probably more sexy.
Why should men always pressed in wearing the same old stuff?

marc jacobs can do anything he want.

he does it or he makes it. PEOPLE BUY IT.

marc jacobs = awesome.

Why is it a question if men can wear skirts and pantyhose if they want?
What could be wrong? NOTHING! Women had the same problem 50 years ago wearing pants, and take over some previous men clothes.
And today? There is no piece left from mens clothing that women do not wear! Again, why should men stay behind?
No, they shouldn't, they just have to show up with the new fashion and anly MAN-trend.

Last week our history professor wore a black kilt. It looked terrific. All girls around want to see him. Indeed the skirt an addition to mens wardrobe.

The skirt is okay, but I see that this tights are really not matching. Boots? It's not my taste, lightweight shoes and normal tights would match much better.

Why is questioned? Men can wear skirts, of course. I do not see problems except somebody make some but I think we have other problems enough.
Men were behind the scene all the time since French Revolution. Is there anything exciting what men wearing usually? Can't find it, help me out.
Conformidity in highest levels,stereotyped pants and dressing uniformity, is that we want?
I wish I could change that because most men looking boring in their outfit.
Okay, now we can see a glimmer far at the horizon - did I see a man in a skirt?

Yes, Breanne, you saw it.... maybe it was me??
I love my. skirts and my wife too, but first she was totally con to mens skirts. But when she saw me in this garment she found out that nothing fits me better than a skirt. By the way, I never knew that before.
Our kids just find it 'cool'. No problems at all, where I live or go to in my skirt, just positive commensts. I usually wear my support pantyhose with it.

I LOVE my Utilikilt. I also enjoy wearing it with a pair of stockings or tights. I may be the only one in whatever crowd I'm in at the time, but I don't care. I like standing out from the rest. I get compliments, I hear people ask others what I'm wearing, I think it's cool.

My wife saw the above pic of Marc Jacobs and others of him and thought that the skirts he was wearing were masculine looking enough rather then too femmy for a guy to wear. She was all for it. If you can convince her, you got it made.

I believe you're not the only one. I love my skirts, too, and those are not just Utilikilts. I think the most important thing is how to wear it, that makes a man manly. I have to wear support stockings full length all the time, nothing is more comfortable than a skirt with them. thinking back this stockings with pants..... its a quite kind of modern torture 24/7.

This post is generating, and continues to generate very interesting and thought-provoking responses. My son brought back a kilt, and enjoyed wearing it, after he visited Scotland in 2003, ahead of what seems to be happening. He has two sisters who have grown up thinking there are no barriers.

I think that men are gaining their confidence to break through boundaries. The discussion continues to be interesting. Please keep the comments coming. Thanks!

A skirt for a man should have belt loops, a front zipper that opens to the right, and pockets similar to mens' dress pants. A mans' skirt should be for a man, not a kilt, or be like a womans' skirt. No one is making a garment like that. A skirt truly made for a man would sell.

I myself wear a leather kilt, tights and knee-high leather boots - I think it is a great image, and as repeated in one of the comments above, I am the only one who looks like I do in the crowd I am in at the time. It is nice to be original and different. I am comfortable wearing this attire, and always get attention and the occaisional positive comment or two when I am out and about, though I will add that I also get snide comments from moron males (usually in groups as they sure as hell wouldn't dare approach me on their own) who love nothing more than to express their freedom by dressing how society dictates and being masculine enough to feel extremely uncomfortable and insecure around someone who chooses their own fashion style, so much so, that they feel the need to draw attention to themselves. I genuinely feel sorry for these guys.
I hope that more men break free of the shackles that "fashion" imposes and learn to think for themselves for a change!

I think about a change, and I already started it. Everybody likes my skirts now...
after the first surprise. It is great, and I never want to miss this feeling of freedom anymore.

Wearing pants is like driving a truck; wearing skirts is like driving an opend convertible.
Maybe you can see the difference.

I wear skirts and skorts, some do not have pockets so I wear a waist holder, similar to the old fanny packs. I have gone shopping in stores, to the parks and generally walking around my neighborhood. I have NEVER received any flack or been denigrated for wearing them. Depending upon the weather tights are an option I've used. The fact is most men would wear a skirt or even skorts (like me). The skirts I wear are in traditional male colors (navy blue, black or khaki)and are knee length. I do agree not all men should wear skirts just as some women should not wear spandex, but the option should be up to the individual. AS long as the person isn't behaving inconsistent with the norms of society (no exposure or criminal acts)what difference is it what he or she wears.

Men can wear skirts, and I agree that some men shouldn't because of the body shape.
No other type of clothes is more comfortable for men. And I think it is "men's-stuff" when men like to wer it, it has nothing to do with women, even they mostly wore skirts and dresses in past in western societies. Opposite the same with pants, women have no restrictions - that we call rquality. And under it? Whatever they like, no restrictions at all. The body will tell what he likes,and there is no boundary between sexes.

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