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January 29, 2009


Men' s clothing are very limited in style, color, fabric and pattern. There is not question that men can wear skirted garments, and a lot of men looking much more "manly" than in any kind of pants. On the other hand, the skirt originally is a male's garment. So, men should not be afraid to wear it again nor should they hesitate to start wearing it. There are no reasons at all why they can' t, because they can do it.
Beas, I agree, there Re no restrictions at all and the on
Y thing we can do is to support men which going this new way of dressing.

Mara, I don't get it/ I can understand that men should not afraid to go the new way of dressing, but you mention that we should support men in skirts. How would you do that?
I like to see men in skirts, give them a smile but no more because I am married and my husband wears skirts since 5 years.
Thinking practical, how can you support men dressing the healthiest way, in skirts? Can't wait to read your answer.

Breanna, sorry there must be a problem with the text. Did not write this text which is shown, it was very different.
What I want to say is that men should NOT have any restrictions because I see equality as one of the most important points in case dressing. And we all know that pants for sure not the best dressing solution for men regarding their lower body shape.
That means that I am supporting skirted garments for men.
Sorry for that misunderstanding.

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