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January 02, 2009


Lines are constantly redrawn all over the world. However Texas ws alredy part of Mexico once and I don't think they could do much with them. However, maybe Mexico should be part of Texas.

I listened to this discussed on talk radio last night on the way home from work. Because Americans are so mobile, there are Virginians in New Mexico,etc. Cross culturization. I think the recent job losses will force people out of their comfort zone (state) and into whatever state offers a jobs. More cross culturization. Living in a state filled with Mexican immigrants, I know it can tax the system. Hard to blame them, though, for wanting something better for their families; ie. healthcare, education, opportunities. But, who to pay for this? Being a Texas transplant to our beautiful, bordering state New Mexico, by choice, I have emphatically tell was culture shock. People constantly ask me where I am from because of my east Texas I was from Mongolia! I am constantly referred to as the "Texas girl", Southern Belle,etc. Texas=conservative, and damn proud of it! New Mexico=Liberal, and damn proud of it! The flowers in your garden are totally different. No dress up. No big hair. Like me, New Mexicans are VERY conscious of the environment. Native American culture. Hispanic culture. The people are not like Texans and it is our bordering state. When people move to New Mexico...they become New Mexicans and start to love and blend in to this incredible place. I am jumping around but just to point out, you don't have to cross the country to find a TOTALLY different culture. The South is the South and always will be. Mexico is filled with poverty and corruption and is a drug freeway. No one will want to take that on in Texas or anywhere else.

Since I work for the Hispanic Center in our county, I do understand. We are blessed because we don't have the gang/drug problem with them . . . yet. Our clients are working poor -- I spent an hour on the phone Wednesday calling all the businesses that I could think of that hire Hispanics for a young man who needs a job without success. It's the post holiday slowdown and I felt sorry for him.

I know why these people come here from my work with them. There are things going on in Latin America that most people in the U.S. don't understand. The things I discover when I do research for my boss horrify me.

I wish there was a solution.

I just finished a book called Manifest Destinies: the Making of the Mexican American race, by Laura E. Gomez. She sorts out the racial dynamics of New Mexico, which are different from those in, say, Texas, or anywhere else in the country. Worth a read if you have the time.

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