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January 23, 2009


My prayer is that we are on the cusp of peace, understanding, stability. I hope that we have a leader who will collectively take our hands and lead us out of the dark place that we find ourselves in financially. I feel such loss when I see the signs go up on on my favorite "mom and pop" landscaping/nursery place and restaurant. And yet, I realize our new president isn't God. Pray for him and for those who make the decisions.

These signs have been around my city for years now as industry has died and I mourn the losses each time it happens.

Today, I was in a shop where I buy a lot of my clothes. It's owned by the daughter of friends of my late former in-laws and I've done business with her for over 20 years.

She thanked me profusely for coming by and I told her that with things the way they are in our county that I'm trying to stay away from chains and only do business with locally owned and operated shops. She said that she's doing the same. And we agreed that we needed to start a movement in that direction. Now I'm wondering how we could get such a movement started. It's definitely an idea whose time has come.

Maybe I should sit down with the mayor . . .

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