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January 05, 2009


Happy Birthday! Beautifully written.

Happy Birthday, MotherPie.

Happy Birthday,and many,many more!

Happy Birthday, Hattie!!!! I hope it's the beginning of some wonderful new adventures and that good health and good luck are with you!

Birthday blessings Mother Pie! May you have many more years, and hopefully will enjoy sharing them with us!

You have such a wonderful perspective!! Thank you for sharing, and have a terrific birthday!!

Too many years I have failed to wish you Happy Birthday!!! This year, especially, I send you buckets of blessings and wishes of happiness for another wonderful year. I am so thankful we are friends.

Belated good wishes for another year...and maybe a photo of you in your birthday year?


Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it - you share a birthday with my aunt and cousin (and I seem to remember making this exact comment last year . . .)

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