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February 14, 2009


Ok, I hit the "story" button, and read more graphs than an economist on capital hill should be reading. What is a guy to do? It is just so complicated and that's exactly the reason that men end up buying stupid gifts like the "Vermont Teddy Bear". Just total confusion. I mean what idiot buys a $90 stuffed bear with a bandit mask (at xmas they take the mask off and it's a $10 gift for a child, but does not come with red panties)? I think it's called "leftover inventory" and they are packaging it for the event. I'm just having dinner tonight because I am saving up for that $100 stuffed "Vermont Easter Bear" that I will need very soon. But wait, that's not all, if I order now, I can get a second bear for half price $45 and it comes with an Uncle Sam Hat and red and white striped boxer shorts, perfect for July 4th, or take the hat off and use it for Valentines next year. Hurry now, this offer is limited (to the 400 times a day they show it).

Yo, the Vermont Teddy Bears...I realize you were being tongue in cheek, but the deal with these teddy bears is you start with the basic bear and you can choose to dress it up however you wish. My daughter gave me one for my birthday with streamers and a sash that says "happy birthday" and it had a noise maker in its hand. At my vet's office, they have one all bandaged up, even with the plastic victorian collar thing around its neck (that they put on dogs to keep them from chewing open stitches or licking wounds). In the store or online you can pick and choose from multiple adornments to make the bear appropriate for any occasion. Or just dress it up for nothing special as you wish. I sound like I'm endorsing it, but it is cute. And not fattening like chocolates! Younger women and I'll admit, me too-"middle aged", think they are cute. So don't be hatin' on the teddy bears! Just another example of folks trying to make money. However, I didn't know they cost $90...!

Sigh. Since I'm not in a relationship, I don't really have an opinion. However, dinner out or flowers always appeals to me.

C- I have nothing against bears in general. I lived in the Northeast, so I have no predisposition to hate anyone (or any bear) from Vermont. I have nothing against guys named Teddy. My rant was on the great "valentine" dilemma, and the high cost of stuffed bears these days. We are in a recession, I need a "Hooverville Bear" for $10 (he comes with nothing), or a "Willy the Hobo" for $12.99 (complete with bindle). The only stuffed bear worth $90 (before shipping) is one stuffed with 80, dollar bills. However,years ago, I will admit, as I traveled on business around the US, I did check every town and airport for beanie babies that my daughter collected, and actually missed a flight at O'Hare, waiting in line to buy a COW. I remember calling home, "hey, I missed my flight so I will be really late..... BUT, I found DAISY"!

I love stuffed animals, but when I saw the cost of the Vermont Bears, I hoped my husband wouldn't spend that on a bear for me. Like Anthony, when our daughter was young, we also spent a small fortune on beanie babies.

This year for Valentine's my husband cooked me one of his gourmet meals, and it was better than going out.

The pictures you linked to is amazing.

As to Valentine's Day, we buy some M&Ms and almond joys and call it good. This year the Mountain Man had to work, so a friend of mine came over with her daughter and we had dinner. It reminded me a lot of college, except with kids.

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