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February 22, 2009


The "Happy Cows Come from California" commercials were the first step in breeding cynicism in my kids, since none of the feedlot cows we'd pass on the freeway ever looked happy.

I'm going to locate someone in my area that sells grass fed beef from the list on Thanks for the information and links.

Yeah, it's scary what has happened to our food. I wish we could go back in time, or correct all these wrongs. Even my local health food store sells beef that has been sent to Iowa to be fattened up before slaughter, I was disappointed to find out. And finding unadulterated milk is near impossible, you have to pretend it's for your cat.

Yes, our meat is compromised by hormones and antibiotics and even steroids! Our milk and cheese comes from cows also. Eggs from hens that are fed chemicals. Fish that swim in our polluted oceans. And my grandmother used to say, "eat something out of the is healthier"...then we can talk about fertilizers and pesticides on the crops and chemicals from the rain that hits the ground that it has picked up along the way in the contaminated air we breathe. Then the water is contaminated with chemicals. Given all of that...why are we fatter than ever? We shouldn't be eating anything! Also, if you saw the way pigs and cows were slaughtered,you'd never eat meat again. Of course, I HAVE seen this and still do eat some meat; even if less than I used to.I do draw the line and boycot veal...inhumane. But, I carry a leather purse. So, what is the answer? Eat what you want and take lots of anti-oxidants by mouth? Who knows? This is why we have so much cancer, no doubt.

Being married to a vegetarian I eat very little meat as it is, but I may have to give it up altogether unless things change. I don't know what to do about the milk though. Organic milk is double the price of the regular stuff.

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