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February 08, 2009


Hmm...did you see Jay Rosen of the blog, Pressthink along with Glenn Greewald on Bill Moyers'show PBS Friday night?

Jon Stewart needs to think who will provide the online "news" in the future? Blogs are using the work of newspaper and wire service newsrooms. All gone, then where is the source of stuff, to whom responsible?

So many of my old college newspaper friends are being laid's so sad.

Obviously, I'm a big fan of blogging, but I think we'll lose a lot as a society if we don't have professionals who are able to devote their full effort to writing stories that would never show up on blogs, and if we don't have editors who vet those stories.

I wish I had a good solution to this. :(

Part of the problem is that newspapers are not high enough quality and, as you say, the news is stale by the time it reaches print. Our local paper is not worth paying a cent for. I get better local coverage from online sources. Don't bother with TV coverage at all.
And the New Yorker archives are terrific. Want to know what Janet Malcolm said about Sylvia Plath? Want to read old Pauline Kael movie reviews? Or review Seymour Hersh's warnings about Iran? Or even look at old Thurber cartoons? No problem!

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