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February 02, 2009


I hear you. I must say your children were always the best about "thank you's". At the ripe, old age of 9!, your son wrote a thank you note for a crazy balancing thing I got him. The note was so well written, I shared it with co-workers! He said the gift was "challenging, yet fun"! At 9! I loved it!

In another vein, I worry that all letter writing, in one's personal "hand", will cease to be. It used to be important that one knew how to write a good letter. I love to write. A patient remarked the other night at work, "your penmanship is pretty". That's gone. Most people's signature is unreadable, in our hurry up, harried society. One of my favorite things in a clean, new, yellow lined legal pad and an excellent writing implement! In our economic times, I lose a pen every night at work and only use the Bic pens provided by my hospital. ?Donde esta mi pluma? But, back to the topic, I love to write, with a pen and paper, a letter, and look at the letter all written afterwards. I love the act of writing...both physically and creatively. A joy long lost, I fear!

p.s. BTW...We're in a recession, mi hermana, and Crane stationary costs $400! Ay caramba!

I think thank you notes are a case of no apparent interest today. I'm a dinosaur. I sometimes still write them depending on the occasion. Or I send an email. I don't, however, remember the last time I received one.

My son in law always sends a thank you for birthday or Christmas gifts. It's nice.

We're from the South. If we don't write thank you notes, our grandmothers will arise up from their graves and shake bony fingers at us and ask if we were born in a barn. Now, we certainly never had any fine stationery in our family, but the point was that it needed to be handwritten.
But I agree with you, I don't mind not getting a handwritten note, as long as I know they got it. I'm still waiting to hear from a couple about a wedding gift I sent. In August. Given that I chose from their registry, it certainly wasn't something they didn't want.

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