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March 16, 2009


Fascinating article. I don't know how much I buy it though. I spent years wearing red cheerleading and volleyball uniforms in school, and I never had a date. Then again, we were at a Christian school, so they weren't exactly flattering outfits.

I don't know but red is my favorite color but I don't wear it much. Maybe I should. But the article gives new meaning to the phrase "waving a red flag in front of a bull", don't you think?

Interesting . . . look at Oprah etc. and see how many women in the audience are wearing red. I happened to succumb to watching QVC yesterday because of its cooking theme; the preponderance of hosts/carnival barkers were wearing blue.

I never have worn red, because my Mother explained that with my red hair, other colors were more flattering. Now that I have so much grey I'm delighting in wearing all sorts of red variations, but it's not my favorite color though I loved my red hair.

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