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March 24, 2009


Yeah, really liked that Seuss Google. I wish someone would remake The Cat In The Hat movie and do it justice. The Mike Meyers take was pathetic.

I love your ode to Seuss! And as a reading educator, I can tell you - kids NEED to hear rhymes. We use a lot of Seuss in our program.

LOL Perfect!!!!!! I love Dr. Seuss~~~~

You did it again in such a fine fashion,
Your love of rhyme you share with a passion.
Seuss taught us great things and we need him today,
To stimulate thinking and imaginary play.
So from one logophile to another I say
Thanks for the ode and I bid you a good day!

That was great. And we love Dr. Seuss around here, in spite of a comment I made a while back. I've read Fox in Socks and Oh Say Can You Say (the 2 tongue-twister books) every single night for the last 3 months. I'm quite good at it now.

And even as a kid, I thought that mother was awful for leaving her kids home alone.

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